Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Languished fingerless gloves

So, I've been waiting forever to own a pair of fingerless gloves. I've made two, but I've given both away, so it is with much gladness that I finally have my own pair.

Never knitted a striping pattern before, but I loved the idea of one, so how better to experiment than on my pair? It was a bit of a hassle, changing yarn every six rows, but I love the end result. I'm going to do more striping patterns from now on.

I wanted to embellish with like a cute little flower with leaves, but the knitted flower turned out gigantic, so I'm not sure if the gloves now look pretty or more like I have a strange growth. I'm contemplating putting the leaves on the right hand, so that when my hands are together, they look like a joined plant. But we'll see. I've moved on to my next project now.

The weather is still fairly cool, so I'm looking forward to finally having warm hands without needing to stuff them under my armpits or something.

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