Thursday, 14 August 2008

One moose, two ??

If one mouse, two mice; and

if one goose, two geese; then

is one moose, two meese?

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LOL... good one.

I used to live in Alaska, Melody. In Alaska, lots of moose. it's one of those word, like fish, that is both singular and plural. but you are right. It SHOULD BE meese. Just ask Ed Meese.

And what about dice? Deece?

btwm this news junkie doubtful believer, moi, i was wrong about the gnome story, it was true true true and I have changed my blog to reflect the truth. You may delete any of my other stupid comments earlier that cast doubts on Simon's wonderful gnome trek. I was wrong, and I apologized to him now in person too. DANNY

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