Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Murphy the travelling gnome

A very amusing news report on the travels of a garden gnome.

Yes, one of those clay ones that stand in a garden.

I wanna find a gnome and travel with him too.



Anonymous said...

I saw this news on CNN and BBC today. I believe this is a FAKE story, not true, both the house owner and the artist were in on this together, this is NOT A TRUE STORY, the UK media has once again fallen for a media prank.

That is why: the policeman was kidding, and the reporter was laughing all the way to the bank:

'A spokesman for Gloucestershire Constabulary remained straight-faced about the matter, saying: "Any theft of a person's property, even if it is carried out as a joke, will be treated as a crime by police."


Melody said...

The poor press...constantly falling for pranks.

Well, fake or not, it's still cool to see a gnome at all the different places and it's still a funny story :)


yes yes meolody it IS a cute summer story, and i loved it too. but there is something wrong when the media lies to us, even as a summer prank, and then the entire world media and bloggers think it is true. can't the artist create the same charm in a true way, without fibbing or lying...?

see my blog on this at

Melody said...

"There is something wrong when the media lies to us."

You'd be hard pressed to find any media in the world that tells ONLY the truth.

What is truth anyway?

Something that you agree with?

We, including journos, all see things coloured by our own biased lenses. Journos are not walking lie-detectors, they get lied to as well.

I'm not saying lying is fine. It isn't.

But that was not the point of my entry.

The point of my entry was simply to highlight a story-telling technique that was amusing. An idea that was interesting.

Not "oh, look at that true story."

I don't know if the journo knew he was being lied to. I don't know if the true intention of the story was to mislead the public into...oh, stealing other people's gnomes and going travelling with them.

I just know it's a cute story. Fictional or otherwise.

I didn't realise that a story of a travelling gnome can be such a big deal.

I thought there were bigger things in life to think about. Bigger lies to uncover. Lies that actually have an impact on the world, like human rights and social justice issues.

Not pithy lies like gnomes that like travelling.

I'm sorry if you've missed the point.


You didn't miss the point. It was a cute story. SUmmertime cute. Goofy cute. I loved it too. It was on CNN today from Hong Kong. The BBC video of it is cute too.
Yes, there are more important things to wo0rry about, like global warming. yes yes yes

maybe you can read my blog about polar cities and then tell me if this polar cities idea is worth bloggging about by an activist like you. Most bloggers refuse to blog about polar cities, but this is not a prank. this is a real wake up call about our Earth. see my blog and then blog about it pro or con. the media won't touch it. they will touch gnome stories because they are cute. but polar cities stories, no way. see FACE BOOK and link here:

do you think this is worth discussing on your blog? a good thoughtful discussion. i'd love it. thanks


gnomed out for today, SMILE

This URL might work for you:

PS: i think it was upset beacvuse i have been trying to get the UK and USA media for two years to write about polar cities idea, pro and con, but they won't give me the time of day, but these fake gnome and fake dog cloning stories get lots of press. why?


I was wrong wrong wrong. see here below

danny, eating crow, humble pie

i was wrong, eating crow. danny

simon wrote me

look here

I apologzied to him too

danny, now i know truth of it all


Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Murphy the Gnome story was cute news story!

Tuesday, August 14, 3008

Murphy the Gnome story was cute news story!

Yes, it was: As reported worldwide by BBC, the Sun, and every other major outlet worldwide. AND, the main character in the story, one of the main characters, Simon, wrote to this blog and explained a bit how it all happened. Read here. Thanks, Simon, for the footnote to a great story! -- Danny

NOTE: Some people, mainly me, at first doubted the veracity of this news story, thinking it to be a PR plant or a media hype, but IN FACT, it really happened the way the news said it happened, and our hat's off to Simon for a job well done!


"Hello Danny,
Hi, I'm not sure whether you'll believe this (ironic considering the subject) but I'm Simon Randles (just found this thread via Google) and I can assure you that it is perfectly legitimate. There are no book deals in pipeline, nor tv shows and I had no idea it would get this kind of coverage.

I'd urge you all to add me on facebook (Sir Simon Randles, West Midlands network) and have a look at my photos which will show me with said gnome in a number of locations. Also, my travel blog can be found here for further evidence:-

Not sure what else I can do to convince you [that this really happened the way the media said it happened], but hopefully you'll approach it with an open mind.


August 13, 2008 2:24 PM"

DANNY ADDS: Yes, Simon, thanks, and now that I see what really happened, congrats to you, and I am now approaching this with an open mind. Always had one, but sometimes I get side-tracked by doubts. Now all corrected, thanks to your note. God bless, Godspeed!
Posted by dan at 8:14 PM 0 comments

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