Friday, 16 January 2009

Twisty optimist

So, I've just finished knitting something for her.

But because I know she reads this blog, the only thing I will reveal about the project is this.

She knows it's a pair of fingerless gloves, and she's already seen a photo of the yarn that I was going to use, but how does it actually look when worn?

You'll just have to be patient, Faith.

As much as I love making gifts for people, I am never going to knit with fingering weight yarn again. So thin, so small, just so difficult to knit and so time-consuming! I love the gloves and the pattern, I just didn't appreciate the slow going-ness of the project. It nearly drove me insane.

Only 8-ply weight or above yarn for me in future!

Oh, I'll reveal this too. A sweet label design from aprintaday that I managed to adapt for my own use. You can download the template for yourself too.

Update: She got them!


Faith said...


My pressie!

My pressie looks AWESOME!!!

My pressie is filled with oodles of love in between the fibres!!!

And when I wear my pressie, I will remember that "melt" loves me...

Melt... my heart

Melt... to defrost cold hands with her creations


I will now mms everybody a picture of my one of a kind, nobody has another EXACTLY like it pressie!!!

Anonymous said...

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