Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Dorset buttons

Made with leftover yarn scraps and plastic ring things. Aren't they cute?

The question now though is: what should I do with them for the shop?

Attach them to the end of snap clips ala this (it will replace the flower)?

Transform them into earrings (only issue - they are not reversible, so one side looks better than the other)?

Use as a necklace pendant?

Sew them onto scarves/beanies?

Do you have any suggestions?


Clansi said...

bag closures?

Kel said...

wooly pandoras?

attach a ribbon and they're a bookmark button

Melody said...

Pandoras like charms on bracelets?

Bag closures - Good idea, but I'll have to make a bag first! :P

Bookmarks - that could be and fast! Hmmm....

kris said...

you could use them as markers for a homemade clock.

Melody said...

Kris - heh heh - wouldn't be the first time I made clocks! :D

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