Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Mary Jane booties

It's a little like baby-ville around here at the moment.

No, I'm not pregnant or have any plans to, but people all around me will probably be popping "mini-me"s over the next few months.

So it's time for some baby knitting practice!

Knitting baby stuff is actually quite easy. For starters, they're small, which means the project is finished in no time. And they're always so adorable!

I knitted bobbles to be used as buttons.

The only problem with this pattern is that it required seaming and well, let's just say I need more practice doing that.

Contemplating adding a beanie to the mix. We'll see.

Pattern here (pdf file)


Ida said...

Wow Mel! They are so beautiful!

Melody said...

Thanks! I can make some for you when you decide to have babies! Hee hee ;)

Ida said...

In 100 years or so ;)

kris said...

ooo! does this mean baby Thiele will get a cute little set of baby booties? ;)

Melody said...

Let's just say you're not the only pregnant lady around. Hee hee.

And what if baby Thiele is a boy? What would you do with pink booties?

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