Friday, 4 July 2003

Latest update on grandma: she complained to my friend Lyn, the assistant dean, saying that she "needs peace, and can't get it here because there's music going on in Melody's room at 2 in the morning."

What I'm wondering can there be music going on in my room at 2 in the morning, when I was asleep by 1am yesterday. Unless I sleepwalk and have parties in my room that even I don't know about, I think Grandma is hallucinating. Not only that, even if I happen to have music at that hour in the morning, it's usually easy-listening songs turned down extremely low because I like to relax at that time! Grandma either has supersonic hearing, or is hearing voices in her head.

Not only that, Grandma has been complaining that the dean does nothing to basically keep me in line. She told the head dean, who only laughed in her face. She told Lyn, and then added that Lyn does nothing coz Lyn's my friend. Lyn told Grandma to "go back home" this morning. Which is unbelievable because Lyn is just about the sweetest girl on earth who wouldn't tell anybody something that mean.

Grandma is beginning to grate on everybody's nerves...

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