Tuesday, 1 July 2003

cydknee just hit me on the head coz she was ecstatic (something to do with getting hair extensions...) - the kind of abuse I have to put up with.

college has been invaded by group of giggly 16 year olds coz of summer school. VERY annoying. Also a sign of age as my friends and I are calling them kids and find them annoying, when we've only just passed our 20th birthdays not too long ago.

been watching waaayyy too many movies lately, but it's not as if I have anything much better to do - stayed up till almost 5am on Saturday night (we saw the sunrise!). Made some really good friends thanks to the fact that the "oldies" are now sticking together due to the invasion.

have a stalker in the form of a Japanese summer school student who does not possess the concept of personal space. not sure if i want to dwell on this coz he is really terrifying me. at least he only gets psycho when he sees me, so as long as I avoid him, I'm safe.

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