Thursday, 9 March 2006

I think Solomon affected me too much *shakes fists at the Book of Ecclesiastes*

Am beginning to question the meaning of everything I do.

Honestly, what is the point of it all? I spend the bulk of my conscious time at work, and the rest of my life is spent sleeping.

I once thought I was engaged in highly meaningful work but am now beginning to question that. I'm finding it harder and harder to engage the secular world. I'm supposed to be working on both internal and external communication. Considering that my passion lies in external communication, I'm ironically spending the bulk of my time focussed on internal communication.

We seem to completely enjoy preaching to the choir. I have no problem with internal communication. I think it's great and it helps improve morale and encourage people in what they're doing. My problem is the fact that I seem to be concentrating only on internal communication when my job really should be more about engaging the others.

But too often, we fail to realise that part of engaging the outside world involves letting people know what we're doing and how it will benefit them - public and media relations. If there's no hype (even word of mouth), nobody would even know something exists. But nobody seems to be interested in that.

I hate to say this, but sometimes I feel like I'm being swallowed by a cocoon and am becoming more and more insular. And therein lies the problem - I no longer know why I'm here for.

It's not so much an existential question, but more of a locational/occupational one. Am I really making a difference with what I do?

I'm not sure anymore.


Della said...

Hmm... this is the corny-sounding answer, but God has a reason for putting you in the job you're in :)

Although sometimes it's hard to see the point of why when there's loads of things happening or stuff doesn't seem to be turning out quite right or whatever, there's still His reason.

Solomon got his wisdom from God ~ just remember to ask God to keep reminding you why you do what you do :) It does make a difference, somewhere.

faith-t said...


Melody said...

thanks for that :)

And good point, I forgot about asking God to remind me...isn't it funny how often you forget to ask God for help and wanna do everything yourself?

Kev said...

I try to look at my job as to why God put me there. I keep my eye out for what He brings me. In doing that, it makes my job more appealing and I feel a better sense of purpose there. I don't do anything life-changing with my job. But if I could change lives at my job...then I am making a difference.

bilbo said...

been there, done that. know how you're feeling. and it passes. we each have circles that we influence and for now you have to realise there are people that you can change for the better.

Melody said...

yeah..i guess i've been too ambitious and wanting to change the world, or something like that.

but that really isn't the point is it? it's about one life at a time...

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