Friday, 31 March 2006

Having to share what I know is probably one of the most bizarre experience in my life, especially when it involves returning to the very place that I got my degree.

Returned to Avondale on Monday to help take a PR class on how to write a media release and pitch to the media. It was the strangest experience, being in the same classroom that I was in as a student and teaching instead.

Thankfully, it wasn't a strict lecture session. We were separated into two groups of four and I sat with one, simply guiding them with my "wealth of experience".

At the start of discussion, I simply sat there, not knowing what to say. It was rather weird to be placed in a group of strangers and having to "impart" to them what is supposed to be pearls of wisdom.

I had so much difficulty trying to share. I think there's a reason why teaching never crossed my mind as a career option. I kept assuming that what I said held no weight because I would only be stating the obvious. I was at a loss as to what to point out and what not to.

Not to mention the part where I got really frustrated because I kept thinking, "why can't you just write something!?" without being able to fully empathise that the students really had no clue.

That saying, the lesson went rather well and I think they did get a better idea of how to write media releases and pitch stories to the media. But it did nothing to convince me of a change in career, I'll leave the teaching to the teachers.

And guess what? The teaching experience continues. I have to take a seminar next Saturday involving the communication secretaries of the local churches, teaching them how to write media releases and news articles.

Now what do I say to them?

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Dave said...

Why don't you put your lecture notes on your blog? My ministry would certainly benefit from a basic knowledge of your trade.

Melody said...

sure! will do so when I stop procrastinating :)

Hopefully it will actually be of some help!

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