Thursday, 9 March 2006

It is with great regret that tour promoter The Next Adventure announces the postponement of the final ten dates of U2's Vertigo '06 tour.

The effected shows, which are all sold out, are...31st & 1st April, Telstra Stadium, SYDNEY
Full report here.

I can understand and see why it's being cancelled, but at the same time, I can't help but feeling a little disappointed. I had been looking forward to it for months!

I hope whoever the family member is, that he/she gets well soon. I for one would know how it feels to lose a loved one.



Kev said...

I actually met Bono in my party days. He really is a nice guy. I would say he is about 5' 6"-5' 7". Looks taller on stage. We were in a VIP suite at a night club. The Clash were opening for them in Atlanta. Unfortunately, my ex-roommate Elizabeth invited some of the members of the Clash over to our apartment and they snorted cocaine off of my coffee table. Those were crazy days to say the least.

Dave said...

It's funny...

When I first read that news I though, oh no, Melody's going to be ripped.

Is that a sign I read blogs too much?

[surfs off to another blog]

Maya said...

Oh man, that sucks!

But I'm sure they'll make up for it.

I was quite disappointed too when Kylie cancelled her Showgirl tour bec of her breast cancer. But her health is more impt.... hope she comes back with a bang!

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