Tuesday, 14 March 2006

This is precisely what I mean when I harp on about how we need to be relevant and engage pop culture. Excerpt:
Christians have decidedly failed in discerning goodness in our art. In embracing a mediocre copy of an already mediocre popular culture, we have left discernment and turned instead to a dangerous isolationism that rejects the God-given power of art. Perhaps a complete paradigm shift is needed.
I'm not trying to knock Christian music, art, drama or any other form of creativity. I'm just unimpressed by those of us who instead of generating a unique product of our own, choose to imitate and "kosher-ise" that of the secular.

Engaging pop culture is not about being like them, but understanding it and being able to offer something better and far more attractive (cheesy Christian movies need not apply).

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Della said...

Did you see the South Park episode last week where Cartman formed the Christian band?? That was so on the money in some respects! And it had me almost lying on the floor, crying with laughter, for the vast majority of the episode.

But yes, by creating this dividing line where "good" and "bad" are put down either side based on whether there are swear-words or talks about sex (gasp), drugs (double gasp), politics on the Left (triple gasp!), etc rather than on the *actual* merits of the artistic works/expressions themselves... well... it's a recipe for getting it all screwed up.

And for keeping on promoting some absolute trash just because it's "Christian" and fits onto the "good" side of the dividing line...

I swear if I hear Hillsong song at church, or see another promotion of Left Behind on a Christian website, I'm going to scream.

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