Tuesday, 20 January 2004

been back in Singapore for 2 days now and guess what? My sinus problems, without fail, have struck again. Wondering if I'm going to have to live with non-stop sneezing and sniffing for the rest of my life...what makes it worse is the fact that Chinese New Year is coming up in 2 days...

Met up with Maya yesterday evening for dinner. Isn't it great to have friends whom you have not met for ages, but when you do, things are still the same?

No, we're no longer the young and skinny innocents we were when we first got to know each other in 1997, but the connection, the understanding and the relationship is still there.

The biggest cons of my somewhat nomadic life is the number of friends that I have to leave behind. But I'm so glad to be blessed with friends who genuinely love and care. Friends who bother to make an effort. Friends who will not forget me just because I'm not around. Friends whom I can spend hours talking with even though we're meeting for the first time in months or years.

This is an ode to my friends.

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