Monday, 12 January 2004

Why Hong Kong Is Like England:

1. The road signs (besides the fact that it is bilingual) all have a countdown system before a major signboard comes into view.
2. People generally stand on the right side of the escalator when it comes to the underground.
3. There is a better sense of style when it comes to fashion, not to mention people seem to be better looking here (that is not to say that England is swarming with good looking blokes. On the contrary, it would be better if one searched in Paris.)
4. The cool air. Although, it is definitely much warmer here. This is the dead of winter and it feels like late English spring (read: my thick winter coat rendered me a hot perspiring mess.)

Why Hong Kong Is Like Singapore:

1. This is the only other place I know where the national past-time for the people is shopping. Everywhere I go - shops or markets galore. Train station, ferry station, by the's just shops everywhere I turn, open till laaaate.
2. The crowd is immense. I don't think there is a place in which I would be able to be alone, besides in my hotel room.
3. It's practically a big modern city, full of skyscrapers, with a neat public transport system that works not unlike that of Singapore's, although there are much more hills around here.

Why My Feet Will Never Be The Same Again:

It is incredibly easy to get lost in this place. Now, I am extremely used to arriving in a foreign city and navigating around with ease. But the number of times I've missed a street or took a wrong turn is ridiculous. And all because I was searching for first the Peak Tram Station and next the Central-Mid Levels Escalator. Why the fuss?

The Peak Tram is one interesting tram ride to the top of Victoria Peak, 400m above sea level, inclined at an angle of 27 degrees. The view from the top of the harbour and the numerous skyscrapers is quite spectacular.

The Central-Mid Levels Escalator is living proof that Hong Kong is built on hills. The longest series of escalators in the world, inclined at some vague degree. I never completed the ride though, because it seemed as though it would go on and on. There were several breaks between escalators and I took the second one. Besides, it was a one way ride to goodness knows where. Those returning had stairs to contend with and my feet were dying by then, after getting lost in what I can only describe as a pedestrian expressway.

This pedestrian expressway is really interesting. A whole series of criss-crossing covered overhead bridges and walkways built above ground level. It was amazing.

aaargh! craaamp in feet

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