Tuesday, 12 July 2005

I couldn't help myself. I started tearing.

While reading the newspaper headlines, I had already started to feel a little down. Then I flicked on ABC News and watch the news coverage of the London Blasts and the 10th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide.

And then we have our dear friend Dubya going on about how the blasts are not going to frighten the US or detract the war on terror.

I couldn't help it. The tears started welling up in my eyes. It was heartwrenching to see the people crying over the loss of their loved ones.

It's just mindless. It is.

And it just makes me so mad. It makes me mad because in the coverage of the genocide, we have world leaders apologising, looking all determined that "it will not happen again".

My foot.

They said it for the Holocaust. Look at Rwanda.

Then they repeated it at the 10th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. Look at Bosnia.

They said it yesterday for Bosnia. Well, look at what's happening in Zimbabwe. In Sudan.

But I guess it's much easier to apologise than to actually take action.

And it's much easier to ignore these countries since it's not exactly happening in the Western world per se.

And the blasts, the war on terror, the horror? Well, read this.

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Brandon said...

Killing will always happen - some forms are more distressing and on a larger scale, but I know that it will never truly stop... We are more acutely aware of it now with news that covers the whole globe. Perhaps by being aware of the problem, a solution can be found, but I seriously doubt it...

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