Monday, 12 May 2008

I went to watch a Christian Rock Eisteddfod over the weekend. Six high schools came together to present the story of Samson.

The story was separated into six different parts and each high school performed their own interpretation of the part, mainly done through dance.

Honestly, I'd always felt some sort of aggravation towards Samson. I thought he was just completely hopeless.

The way he just kept rebelling and disobeying God, even though he was the anointed one really annoyed me. I just cannot understand how he could be so bad!

And the thing that got to me the most was how God continued to choose him as the anointed one. That really irked me. "Choose someone better who actually obeys you!" I would think.

But then it hit me over the weekend - I am just like Samson.

I try to obey God, I try to be good. But boy, do I fall short from being this wonderful, perfect person. And yes, I still continue to make mistakes.

And if God were to treat me the way I wanted Him to treat Samson...boy, would I be in trouble.

So I'm glad God was patient with Samson. And God continued to love Samson and use him.

It just gives me that little more hope that He would be the same to me.


Anonymous said...

God isn't real - you know?

kris said...

i have been roped into playing dalila in John Milton's version of Samson. You should come and see me! its on may 31st at avondale.

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