Tuesday, 1 July 2008


As someone who has committed to buying only free-range eggs, I feel extremely ripped off after reading this news article in The Australian.

It is revealed that:
  • Consumers who pay more for free-range eggs have been warned that more than one-third are officially stale.
  • Well over half the hens described as free-range are housed in huge sheds, may never go outside and their eggs may come off conveyor belts.
It is absolutely disgusting to know that consumers can be thus misinformed. OK, so this is not the first time it's happened, but it just never fails to sadden me that people can be so dishonest just to gain some profit. Why can't people be truthful with each other?

Anyway, the silver lining in this story for me is that I very luckily have an "egg factory" next door and the eggs are definitely free range.

I know for sure. I sometimes feed those chooks with my food scraps too.


Jayne said...

Gotta love the egg factories scratching about in my backyard, too ;)

Melody said...

That comment literally made me laugh out loud!

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