Monday, 28 July 2008

The Sabbath

If I were ever to give up God and my religion, one of the things that I'll continue to observe would have to be the Sabbath.

Those who aren't Seventh-day Adventists often see us Adventists as rather legalistic when it comes to the Sabbath - no buying, no shopping, no swimming, no watching movies, no going out, no, well, basically, no having fun of any sorts, or something like that.

And maybe that's what it's like for some people. But the Sabbath is a completely different thing to me.

It's not about reading the Bible, praying or being at church all day. Not that it's bad, but I'm also realistic and human and possibly not as religious as I should be. But I digress.

I love the Sabbath for what it stands for - a day of rest.

And maybe my interpretation of it is wrong, but I do understand it rather literally.

It's usually a go-go-go existence for me for most of the week. Working Mondays to Fridays, with evening gym/Bible study/shopping/movie/lounging in front of the TV sessions. Sundays are usually rather hectic as well, consisting of either household chores, errands or general social activities which tend to wear me out.

Which leaves Saturday, the Sabbath day that I observe. And it's beautiful.

It's the day where I feel that I can legitimately slow down, not rush and basically relax. I go to church, I have lunch with friends from church, I go for a walk, I knit, I read, I surf the internet, I nap, I unwind. And I don't feel guilty about it. I don't feel I have to accomplish something. I simply relax.

You should try it someday.

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