Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Church marketing fad

A rather insightful remark from Kevin Hendricks, editor of Church Marketing Sucks today:

A mind-blowing post I saw on Twitter last week: "Why is it at church conferences we rarely are taught about real compassion for growth, yet 'Twitter for Church' classes are full?" Ouch.

Let's be clear: Church marketing is not about hopping on the latest cool fad. It's not about iPhone apps or Facebook pages, though those can be great tools to use.

Church marketing should be about communicating the core of who we are as Christians--the compassion, love and grace that [hopefully] set us apart. Those will be the same tomorrow, next year and 20 years down the road. Twitter? Not so much.

Use Twitter if it works for your church, but remember that it's just a tool. Save your excitement for what really matters.

Being in church communication, I have to admit that I do get carried away with the latest and the bestest.

But it is true, the tool is not the point. The message is.

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