Sunday, 7 June 2009

Transformers cufflinks

It was D's birthday on Wednesday and I had a dilemma.

I wanted to buy him a present, but I didn't want to participate in the wanton consumerism of birthday presents and whatnots as well.

I couldn't knit him something because well, I had left it too late to be able to knit something of worth in time for his birthday.

The solution?

Something handmade from the delightful "marketplace" called Etsy.

All items are handmade by individual artists, which means supporting people and creativity, as opposed to items made from mass producing multinationals.

And because I could even shop by location, I specifically chose Sydney so that transport and postage is kept to the minimum.

I also found the perfect little present:

Yes, they are Transformers cufflinks.

And yes, we are nerds.


The Misery Chick said...

I LOVE ETSY!!! What would I do without Etsy.........

Kel said...

well i'm impressed if D wears cufflinks

is he
[a] lawyer
[b] investment banker
[c] James Bond


Melody said...

Maya - what would you do? Have more money in your bank. Hee hee. The stuff on it are all so cute I want to buy all of them! :)

Kel - ROFL! It's actually his first ever pair of cufflinks. I'm causing him to succumb to the throes of the daily grind. But it makes him look so smart! :D

Oh, and maybe James Bond's middle name starts with D......

kris said...

this is fantastic!

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