Sunday, 20 March 2005

5 consecutive days of early mornings and late nights makes a person go somewhat insane.

Had been waking up at an average of 5.30am for the last few mornings and I think it took its toll on me yesterday morning.

At about 7.15am, I opened my eyes and realised it was already light. At which I gasped, woke up almost immediately and went "Oh crap, I'm late." Late for my driving lesson which usually happens at 7am.

I sat up, silently cursed my alarm for not going off and grabbed my mobile phone.

"Paul (my driving instructor) is going to be so mad at me," I muttered to myself. Yes, I talk to myself, live with it.

Thoughts of him desperately trying to ring me on my mobile which I switched off the night before flashed through my head. I kept imagining how upset he would be and was rehearsing in my head a suitable apology for sleeping in.

My phone finally started up and I started scrolling through my phonebook for his mobile number when it suddenly struck me.

It was the Sabbath. A Saturday. I had no driving lessons that day. I had set my alarm for 8am coz that was when I wanted to wake up to get to church on time.

I wasn't late. I was early.

I am only thankful that I realised what was going on before I actually called Paul.

Now that would have been embarrassing.

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