Thursday, 3 March 2005

I went horseriding yesterday evening!

It was such a fantastic experience to finally be able to ride a horse, especially with being so in love with the medieval period and fantasy stories and all. I've always read about horseriding and the amazing things the riders could do, and now I finally know how they feel!

Well, the part where they walk the horse that is.

And Ange had to give me a knee-up to get on the horse. I was lying face-down on the horse for a while after that, feeling absolutely disorientated with being so high up, as well as being clueless as to how to straighten myself.

When I finally managed to sit upright, and Ange started leading the horse, I seriously thought I was going to fall off. It was a completely strange rhythm and everytime the horse moved a leg, I slid further and further sideways.

Then Ange told me I had to straighten my legs more and should kind of only half-sit. That cleared everything up and once I got used to the rhythm, it was the most amazing thing ever.

Until the horse went up a hill. Then down a hill.

And then Ange thought it would be fun for me to feel how it would be like to trot. Seriously, bouncing up and down a horse was well, rather strange.

I had a brilliant experience though and absolutely loved it.

In fact, despite my initial hesitations, I have grown to love Warburton. Well, as much as one can love something after 4 days.

Nathan and Ange have been absolutely wonderful and were great company and hosts.

Taking me to watch Hotel Rwanda on Tuesday evening was amazing. Especially with being able to finally meet up with Kel, whom I've kept in touch with through emails for a year or so but never met face to face till then.

Then of course, there's the Three Sugars cafe (thanks Kel for the recommendation!) which is an absolutely delightful place to have a meal, read a magazine, listen to nice music and have a great lunch break.

And the 5 minutes walk to and from work, past beautiful views of the Yarra River and the mountain ranges...

I'll miss Warburton and my time spent here, but I certainly would not miss the millipedes.

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