Sunday, 13 March 2005

spent my weekend at Avondale and it was really nice to be back. Especially nice to be back during the weekend and know that i didn't have an assignment due next week or something.

It's a funny feeling, to be back where you had all these memories, and then realise that those are now things of the past. And to know that whatever experience and memory you had will be experienced by the people who are now surrounding you.

It'll be different, and yet the same.

It's weird to find that after spending 2 years away, there are people you knew who are still around. And who, well, are still the same and doing the same thing.

It's even weirder to be introduced to people and have them go, "Oh! So you're Melody. The Melody!"

I can only hope that whatever they've heard about me had been good things...

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