Wednesday, 2 November 2005

The blood bank came to the area on Monday, and as I usually do, I made an appointment to donate blood.

Unlike my previous experiences though, I found myself close to passing out this time. While standing next to a friend who was still having her blood sucked out of her, my heart started beating erratically and I was soon seeing bright lights.

Anyway, after being made to lie down again with my legs raised, I soon felt better. I did feel crook for the rest of the day and was close to fainting again a few times. But I survived the day without actually passing out in the middle of the streets or something.

(At this point, I feel that I should mention my fainting spells had nothing to do with my vegetarian diet. I've donated blood several times before and have had no problems.)

Told my mother about it, who then told my brother.

I got an email from my brother this morning mentioning that he heard about my experience, and after a typical brotherly reaction of "hahaha", he proceeded to ask me if I was ok, and then an instruction to eat more iron-rich food.

What made my day wasn't the fact that he sounded like he cared. He actually showed that he did.

A second email accompanied his first. It was a list of food I can/should consume because they are iron-rich.

Granted, he may have simply googled "iron food" or something like that, but the fact that he actually took that extra few minutes to find that out was more than enough for me to start gushing.

Aren't siblings great?


faith-t said...

Awwwwwwwww!! Shannon is sooooo sweet!!!!!

The point is, he cared enough to google the info! That says so much!

Shannon is the that very great!

Melody said...

of course! I mean, look at his sister! ;)

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