Wednesday, 2 November 2005

I thought getting into public relations/communication meant that I would never have to deal with numbers ever again.

It really was for the better.

After all, this is the girl who very calmly and confidently asked a banker (of all people), "Oh, when we give you 100% of the capital, you will invest 85% in X and 25% in Y?" much to the consternation and embarrassment of her brother (he still reminds me about it).

This is the same girl who comes up with three completely different answers when asked how much is 16 divided by 2 (or something incredibly simple like that. If you want the actual numbers, ask my brother. I swear he keeps a notebook of all my numerical stuff-ups.)

So I'm going to be spending this afternoon looking at the expense report of my department. I will be checking to see that numbers match up, and try to make sense of the department's budget. I will have numbers pouring out of my ears.

This makes perfect sense doesn't it?

Where's that calculator? I need to find out how much is 2 + 2.

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