Monday, 21 November 2005

I think I've gotten two shades darker and consumed more chocolate than is healthy over the last couple of days.

Spent the weekend at Manly Beach (I know I didn't really like Manly when I first went there, but I'm always up for second chances. Besides, a weekend at any beach would be much nicer than a weekend at the nurses' res!) and was blessed by great warm weather.

Had great fun with kites on Friday evening and got dragged around several times, thanks to the crazy winds at the beach.

Then went on an extended walk to North Head where we had lunch while taking in some amazing views on Saturday. We were perched on top one of the many cliffs of North Head overlooking the breath-taking views of the city of Sydney and the hundreds of sailboats littered around the harbour (I may be exaggerating, but there were heaps of sailboats).

Later went exploring through the bushland and found an old wall (I have no idea what it was trying to keep out. It was wasteland on the other side as well), walked along cliff edges, jumped around rock pools, frightened little crabs and fish and attempted rock climbing.

The weekend was also littered with lots and lots of good food, that was littered with lots and lots of amazing chocolate.

Seriously, if you are ever in the Manly area, Max Brenner's Chocolate by the Bald Man on Manly Wharf is a must-visit. And make sure you order the Suckao. Divine experience guaranteed. Of course, there's also the Hot Chocolate with Magic Waffle Balls, the Cookieshake, the chocolate mudcake, the chocolate fondue....

Thank goodness there's touch footy in five minutes. Need to work off all that chocolate.

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