Wednesday, 16 November 2005

i'm going to Bangkok for five days of wild shopping. whoo-hoo!

and in true lazy blogger style, considering that Faith has written all about it, you can read about what we plan to do in her post.

note how I don't get a say in the whole "what we must do" bit ;)

Note to self:

1. buy that Nikon Coolpix S4 before trip to Bangkok.

2. no other shopping now till I get to Bangkok.


faith-t said...


I did ask you what!!

*sob sob*

Melody said...

yeah, you asked asked, "we must do this! Ok?"

haha...seriously though, I don't mind, but only coz your suggestions are actually really cool.

if you suggested to go sleep under a bridge or eat fried cockroaches or something though....

Maya said...

Hey, Mel! I thot I was a shopaholic!!!

You win, you win....

I'm trying to curb my spending til Egypt...well, it's VERY hard.

Melody said...

i know exactly what you mean :)

I ended up going shopping yesterday...granted I only bought groceries, but still!

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