Monday, 23 January 2006

Animal Encounters - Singapore Zoo and Night Safari...

as well as a mosquito feeding session. I'm an insect repellent. For my friends.

The toilet at the Zoo was simply too nicely done up
not to take a picture in it.
You even get to hear strange roaring sounds occassionally,
jarring you from your throne.

We spent like 10 minutes watching this little baby baboon
and his family at play.

Anca also found a good friend at the baboon enclosure.

A mongoose - I love how the word sounds and
they were one of my favourite creatures at the zoo

One of the things I want to do is to see wild penguins.
If I don't freeze to death first.

How big is this dude?

The highlight of my trip was going into a butterfly enclosure and finding lemurs.
They came up to me, lured by my ring and licked at it. One even kept biting it.
I thought it was completely charming. Anca on the other hand was terrified by the creatures and thought it was completely disgusting.

We knew it was going to be expensive and planned to buy packed dinners,
but we forgot. Ended up paying $12.50 for a vegie burger
at Bongo Burgers at the Night Safari. It was nice, but it still felt like a complete rip-off.

And unfortunately, there are no shots of animals at the Night Safari because of the prohibition of flash photography. I did take a few photos of otters, my favourite animals there, but it would be an amazing credit to you if you could actually see them.


JHENG said...

hi! nice pics...are u a filipina?

Nurulasyikin said...

Now be honest, did you or did you not wear those ring lollies? You know, the ones that came out ages ago and leaves your fingers all sticky.

Melody said...

they were not ring lollies, just my "fire" ring, given to me by Captain Planet.

I can't help it that lemurs are drawn to me ;o)

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