Friday, 6 January 2006

update: the makeover really was a scam. And yes, it was the same company that called me.

Bizarre Incident #1

I got a phone call while on the train yesterday.

"Hello, Melody speaking."
"Hello is this Melody?" (do people actually listen???)
"Yes, Melody speaking."
"Hi Melody! Congratulations! I'm calling from xxx to inform you that you've won a contest. The prize is a free makeover session with us."
"Really? Where are you calling from again?"
"(says name of company)"
"So, what's the catch?" (yes, I was born sceptical)
"There is absolutely no catch, we'll fix an appointment for you and give you a makeover and at the end of it, we will give you two free photos. So can I make an appointment with you tomorrow?"
"Wait, when did I join this contest?"
"Oh, about four to six months ago."
"Er...I wasn't in the country four to six months ago."
"Really? Oh, maybe you joined it recently?" (er, hello, aren't you supposed to know when you run your contests? don't ask me a question I asked you.)
"Actually, I don't recall joining any contests at all."
"Oh, I'm sure you must have. Maybe during the Great Singapore Sale. Anyway, are you free tomorrow? Can I set up an appointment for you then?"
"Yeah, sure, whatever. I'm free after 3pm tomorrow."
"Ok, great! Let me confirm some details with you. Is this your mobile number? (actually, no, this is the number of the stranger who is standing next to me on the train. I just happened to answer his phone because it was ringing. OF COURSE IT'S MY MOBILE!) What is your occupation? Are you Singaporean? (wouldn't I have given you these answers if I actually filled up a contest form?)"

Anyway, so I fixed the appointment and they gave me details of their address and so on.

Only problem? I'm not free after 3pm today. And I'm leaving the country on Sunday morning. So I guess sadly, I will have to miss out on a makeover session.

Bizarre Incident #2

My phone rings later in the day while I was walking around Bugis Village (the first time I've actually shopped there - why didn't I discover it earlier? It's got really cool funky stuff that AREN'T the typical departmental stores/mass-produced fare).

"Hi is this Mel?"
"Mel, this is Alice."
"Hey Alice! How are you? Wait a minute, why are you calling me now? Where are you? Aren't we supposed to be meeting like, now?"
"Er, yah, see, I have a problem. I'm not supposed to know that you're back. Maya wanted me to act surprised when I see you later, but the thing is, I forgot to bring my mobile out and I have no idea what time or where we're meeting, and I can't call Maya cos I don't have her number."
"So why do you have mine?"
"It was in my email."
"Oh, anyway, I think we're supposed to meet now at Bugis. I told Maya to call me when she arrives, but I haven't heard from her yet, so I'm not really sure where exactly we're meeting. Tell you what, why don't you call her? I'll pretend that you never called me."

So later, I end up meeting with Maya without Alice. Maya then goes on to tell me how she had been trying to contact Alice all day but had been unable to do so. And she missed a call on her mobile just before she met me but could not be bothered to call back.

That was when I realised I should let the cat out of the bag. So now nobody's surprised, and Alice is somewhere out in Singapore unable to contact any of us, or even has the slightest clue as to where we're meeting, when suddenly Maya's mobile rings.

It's Alice, calling Maya from a mobile number, finding out where we're actually meeting. She then tells us she'd meet us in about 15 minutes.

20 minutes later, Alice is still nowhere to be seen. Maya decides to call the number Alice called her on, wondering whose number it could be.

A gruff, male voice picks up the phone. "Hello?"
"Hello, er, I'm looking for Alice?"
"Oh, er. wait. Wait ah."
Phone gets passed around and the voice of Alice comes through, "Hello?"
"Alice? Where are you? Whose phone are you using? Wait, don't tell me. are you using the taxi driver's phone?"
Sheepishly, "Er, yes."

In her desperation, my friend actually borrowed the taxi driver's mobile to call us....I nearly died laughing when I found out.


serendipity said...

hahaa....she really IS desperate.

So much for surprises.


Anonymous said...

wahaha ... that's really funny.

poor alice


faith-t said...

Check this out :


the whole makeover? a scam.

good thing u didn't go.

Maya said...

Isn't Alice just a DARLING???

Hahahahaha, I dunno what to do with that girl. :)

Maya said...

Hey, Faith, my friend recommended Naughty by Nature, too!

Well, she didn't, but she went for the makeover and gave my name to the salesperson. I didn't go for it. Thot it was a scam.

Apparently another friend went for it and got the same treatment as those pp in the link you provided.

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