Wednesday, 25 January 2006


A trip to Singapore is never complete without a visit to the resort island of Sentosa. Pity it now looks like an island trying to relive and recreate its glory days.

We wanted to take the bus to Mount Faber to catch a cable car to Sentosa. It wasn't only after more than five minutes of waiting that we realised the buses don't run till six in the evening.

It wasn't only after we were in the cable car on the way to Sentosa that Anca tells me she's a nervous flyer. It made for a rather interesting trip, especially since we bought a return ticket.

Pink dolphins!

We stepped into Underwater World and saw this guy feeding the fish inside a cylindrical aquarium. I thought it was rather amusing.

Seadragons, the closest I would ever get to my favourite creatures in the world.

I found Nemo!

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