Saturday, 15 January 2005

I need to get used to the idea that I am living ALONE.

so I went shopping on Friday.

so I bought bedding and other stuff in order to actually make my room more like

Besides finding to my joy of joys that they sell all sorts of different Garnier products like they do in England (yes Faith, shampoo, body moisteriser, face products...the entire range) and then also realising they had a 30% discount at K-Mart for all bedding (which meant great savings on my bedsheets, pillow and quilt), I also managed to get other various stuff like hangers, a laundary basket, detergent and the works.

I get home, fully happy in the knowledge that I am probably almost settled in. Kristin helps me with my bedding while I hang all my clothes into my wardrobe, thankful that I am more or less moved in and no longer have to live out of a suitcase. I look around my room, rather pleased with myself when I realised...


I truly, honest to goodness forgot that I needed to buy food. I have nothing. Zilch. Well, except some dried mushroom stems but they don't exactly constitute a meal do they?

I have gotten too used to eating out. I have gotten too used to having my mother buy all the food and constantly having a well-stocked fridge. Now I don't even have a fridge of my own. All I can do is put my food in the fridge and pray like crazy nobody steals it (sometimes, prayers don't get answered)...

But why should I be worried about food-stealing? I have nothing to be stolen!

Honestly though, I haven't had to worry about food since I arrived. I have been extremely well-fed for the last few days.

Kristin's boyfriend's family happened to be living less than 5 minutes away from me and on account of being her best friend, I have been more or less accepted into the family as well. They have fed me good and true and I am even going to some extended family gathering tomorrow where I'm sure more food awaits.

Sabbath was also worry-free since Waitara church which Mae (a fellow Avondale graduate who now works at the hospital and lives 10 minutes down the road) took me to had a decent Asian community that was more than willing to feed me silly.

And since Mae has an unbelievably kind heart, she has also donated a packet of So Good, some muesli bars, a packet of noodle as well as a bowl, plate and cup to me upon hearing my plight.

I am such a pathetic soul.

No wonder my mother worries about me fending for myself.

And in case you're wondering, I will be going groceries shopping on Monday evening.

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