Friday, 21 January 2005

oh why oh why is it so confusing trying to get a health cover? Geesh.

My health cover is giving me a headache. I thought it was supposed to help me prevent one. Or at least reimburse me for having one. It's not doing anything except drive me up the wall. Not that I have a health cover yet because it is TOO CONFUSING FOR ME!

Please pray that I don't get into any major accidents before I get one.

Thank goodness for friends who are more familiar with such things. I think I now have a better idea as to which cover to take, and which company to take it with.

I've always thought after 4 years away from home, living by myself this time round is not going to be much different. How wrong I am.

I'm no longer a student, or a volunteer. I'm actually here working. Independent as independent can be.

I need to fend for myself. I am responsible for everything that happens to me. Granted HR at work is somewhat responsible for me while at work (and they have done a wonderful job caring for me), but I am basically left on my own.

No more mummy to sort out my finances, insurance, investments, bills, food, etc. etc.

This is turning out to be harder than I thought.

All I can say is, thank God for people who care for me and try to look after me. I am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by them.

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