Thursday, 27 January 2005

Fat Chance!

Bridget Jones battles with it. We all hate Ally Mcbeal, because she doesn’t seem to possess it. In fact, practically every female on the face of the earth seem to have some kind of problem with it.

We may disagree on whether durians smell good. We may debate furiously on whether Sylvester Sim is more irritating than cute, but one thing unites the female of the species – weight. Or rather, the need to have less of it.

Let’s face it, unless we happen to fall into the category of girls who do not possess any body fat whatsoever except a high metabolism, we all wish we could lose some weight.

It’s unfair how often the media reminds me that I need to be slim and therefore “beautiful”. I cannot watch CSI in peace without being given the option of going to “Marie Claire Bodyline” or some other slimming centre. At least 5 times. Even if I had no complex about my weight, watching television would give me one!

Why can’t I eat my Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream without having a guilt trip?

Why can’t I buy a size “L” top without going into a panic attack?

Why can’t I go through a day without thinking that I should perhaps go on a diet?

I wonder sometimes how much of my desire to go on a diet stems from the fact that I’ve been virtually forced to do so.

“What, you’re not on a diet? That is amazing.” Friends would look at me in awe and comment, as if I had just told them I play tennis frequently with the Queen.

I walk into a pharmacy to get vitamins and wonder if I have stepped into a supermarket instead. Shelves of diet meals of sorts, as well as numerous slimming ads hit me before I even realise what’s going on.

Every actress worth anything have either written a book on how to eat right and stay slim, or is endorsing a slimming centre that will provide guaranteed results – “just look at me!”

Worse still the numerous new fad diets that spring out of nowhere once every few weeks. Dieting has become the new fashion craze. If you’re not on a diet of sorts, be it a grapefruit diet, a soup diet or the world-renowned Atkins diet, it would seem that you’re some kind of freak.

Personally, I’m thankful I can never go on an Atkins diet. Animal rights somehow seem to overrule my uncontrollable urge to lose weight. The heavy meat and fat eating can go out the window, thank you very much. I’m sticking to my animal-free food. Besides, I don’t really want to walk around permanently constipated with all that protein and no fibre!

Seriously, whatever happened to having a healthy balanced meal? No, let me rephrase that. Whatever happened to having a healthy balanced life?

We are all so used to quick results that we would do anything to lose weight in 2 weeks. But in the process, we deprive our bodies of much needed nutrients, kicking it into malnutrition or starvation mode with all sorts of strange diets. Sure, we lose the weight, but what else do we lose as well?



A life without having to worry that eating a pea would throw our grapefruit diet out of sync.

Besides, if these diets really did work, why is there a need to come up with a new one every so often?

Maybe it’s time to start embracing the fact that our bodies are all different, and possessing a body like a pre-pubescent boy is not the only way to look beautiful.

Maybe it’s time to acknowledge that if we wanted real results, we have to work hard to achieve it. Not simply consume tea leaves three times a day or something ridiculous like that.

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m sticking to the tried and true routine of exercise and sensible eating.

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