Sunday, 16 January 2005

so I went to her family gathering, on account of being her brother's girlfriend's best friend.

At the gathering, I find out that Sharona's uncle is a Marketing lecturer at Avondale whom I have interviewed for a radio show before. And he is married to the sister of Ronald Townend, President of the Southeast Asia Union Mission in Singapore.

When you enter the Adventist world, you realise that everybody is interconnected.

It is amazing what wonderful people they are though. For the last few days, I have not once felt treated like an outsider while with the Thieles. Not even at the family gathering. And boy did I enjoy myself there.

The double-storyed house was gorgeous, built on the top of a hill with a backyard landscaped such that you felt like you were walking down a nice little garden path down the hill to a lovely sized swimming pool.

There was a cool breeze and beautiful sunshine while we enjoyed the abundant and delicious food - haystacks with fresh salad generously covered with avocado, a great variety of cheese, olives, pineapples and an excellent vegetarian sauce. Not to mention the wonderful fresh fruit salad mixed with a delicious custard tart and vanilla icecream.

I have been extremely blessed since I arrived, no thanks to Kristin (best friend), Chris (best friend's boyfriend), Sharona (best friend's boyfriend's sister), Gillian (their mother) and David (their father - whom Kristin introduced to me as Satan).

Where I could have been moping all homesick alone in my room, they have befriended me, taken me out, fed me and simply made me feel welcomed.

Now to face first day of work tomorrow.

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