Friday, 14 January 2005

so I'm here. And it doesn't really feel like I've left Singapore because it is as hot here as it is back home. Except when the sun sets (at 8pm) and then I start getting cold because I'm wearing a sleeveless top and shorts.

My arrival was rather non-dramatic, no setting off alarms at the Charles Kingsford-Smith Airport and whatnot. Although the customs officer did peer curiously at my dried mushroom stems (it's my vegeterian ikan bilis/anchovies!) and furiously hugged my bolster. Not entirely sure what she thought I was smuggling.

Did not take too long to spot Colin, who then drove me straight to my workplace to say hi to the folks. Which turned out to be a huge reunion coz I went to Avondale with practically all of the people at my department.

The biggest surprise turned out to be the fact that I actually have my own (HUGE) office, with chairs for visitors and all. This is going to be fun.....

Next stop: nurses' residence at the Sydney Adventist Hospital right across the road. My home for the next 5 or 6 months till Kristin graduates, whereupon which we'll househunt together.

I am taken to my room where I find this huge cutout stating "Welcome Home Melody!" pasted on my door, and when I walked in, the room was filled with balloons. And then Kristin pops out of nowhere, scaring me out of my wits first before happiness took over.

The next few hours was spent hunting down friends who were in the area, as well as bumping into people I did not know was here. All this done while sleep deprived, confused and more or less running solely on adrenaline.

Bedtime turned out to be 9pm for me last night. So much for my plan to arrive on Thursday, in time for late night shopping. Which meant I went to bed in a sleeping bag on top of a bare mattress. Thank goodness it is summer right now.

The shopping begins in a few minutes...

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