Wednesday, 5 January 2005

desire is a strange thing.

For the longest of time, I have been wanting to leave Singapore. To live and work in another country.

I prayed about it. I longed for it. I so badly wanted it.

I got it.

And now, I have a strange inertia about the whole thing. I'm trying to find the latest possible date that I can fly out to Sydney.

Suddenly, I find myself extremely reluctant to leave.

I have gotten comfortable here. I have gotten so much closer to my family. I have renewed old friendships. I have gained new ones. I have so many amazing and valuable relationships that I find extremely hard to let go off.

Things will never be the same again. Then again, things never remain the same. Why would this be any different?

I just know I'm going to miss my family and friends back here in Singapore so incredibly much.

Leaving is never an easy thing.


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