Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Dislocation diary: Day 1

Elbow dislocated at 1pm. In ER at 3pm. First (failed) reduction 6pm. Second (successful) reduction 7pm.

Noticed can ignore pain if left arm in certain position. Crazy pain when trying to change positions for X-ray.

Drugs took edge off pain but certainly still felt it when the tried popping it back in place! Immediate relief when back in place but still painful.

Felt immensely nauseous at about 8pm but did not throw up. Might be coming off drugs?

Driving back, noticed bumps in road didn't bother me as much as before. Felt extremely exhausted.

Arm in half-cast thing. Took bath with arm resting on side of tub. Mostly clean, except left arm where can only sprinkle water, and right arm, which is in cast.

Went straight to sleep after. So tired. Slept mostly ok. Had to only lay on back. Woke up few times to adjust arm, which was a dead weight.

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