Friday, 9 March 2012

Dislocation diary: Day 4

Worked in bed till lunchtime, then called it quits. Mood better though. Maybe because it's D's day off so not alone at home.

Spent day watching TV and sitting on couch. Arm sore only if placed in wrong position and then can feel minor odd, slight painful feel, especially around ball of elbow. Really hope everything is healing right, including nerves, tendons, etc.

Called local hospital to set appointment for follow-up X-ray on Tuesday. Needed letter of requisition from previous doctor or it will be another $500 more. Called first hospital asking for letter. Why didn't they just give it to me in the first place since they were the ones who said I need to go for a follow-up? Hospital said will fax through. Hopefully.

Shoulder extremely tight. Bicep starting to look scary big. Mum suggested heat pack for shoulder which reminded me of cold compress for swollen biceps. No compress so frozen mixed veg will have to do. Needed D's help for hot water bottle. Tried to lay flat on floor to straighten shoulders. Screaming pain and elbow not happy after a while due to positioning.

Hot water bottle helped ease ache. Mixed veg...bicep looking even more scarily big.

Decided to take the Tylenol #3 prescribed by doctor. Had avoided it coz doctor said constipation was side effect and didn't want to be that! Also said to take if in pain, which I wasn't really. But thought might help with sleep.

Knocked me out for a good while, till it wore off then felt shoulder pains again. Had to keep sitting up to relieve pain then go back to sleep. Elbow and arm seemingly fine, ironically.

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