Monday, 12 March 2012

Dislocation diary: Day 7

Arm is definitely stronger and lighter. Mood also heaps better. Wrist less painful and hand can clench easily.

Bicep has definitely decreased in size but still swollen. Feel strange waves of burning pain in hand sometimes and soreness in ball of elbow. Hope nerves are healing right!

Called hospital. They have received requisition letter, thank God.

Cast starting to feel loose. Might be coz swelling decreasing? Can feel elbow area quite swollen. Inside elbow still tender to touch, outside feels like normal now. Was also sore to touch before.

Thinking tummy ache and bloatedness, and nauseousness might be the fault of the tylenol. At least not experiencing the other side effect!

Now left wrist sore from one-handed typing.

Sleep the same again - interrupted by sharp pains in shoulder.

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