Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dislocation diary: Day 10

Slept last night with the strappy thing around my elbow just to keep things "intact". It wasn't too bad, and I didn't really feel like I had to remove it till about 3pm.

My arm is certainly getting stronger and I'm keeping at the exercises. I think I'm getting a range of 100-80/70 degrees at the moment and it was actually quite easy to walk around simply with the arm bent in front of me.

There is still bruised tenderness near the elbow and it's swollen, but that's about it. The swell in my bicep has diminished very noticeably.

Just resting on the couch watching TV without the sling or strappy bandage, I could almost believe that my elbow is completely healed! But of course things get awkward and slightly sore after moving it. But I'm certainly on the mend!

Tried typing as well, but it was a really weird sensation and I was having a little bit of problems typing. It's like as if I didn't really have enough strength in my fingers.

Sleep was average. Had to wake up because of shoulder again, but I think it's getting better? Didn't take any drugs to go to sleep either.

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