Thursday, 8 March 2012

Dislocation diary: Day 3

Maybe reality sank in, or it's a side effect of Fentanyl, but got really depressed today. Felt useless, helpless and stupid for dislocating arm. Got rather upset. First tears since accident - nope, didn't cry when dislocated elbow, just lots of groaning and some dull yelling.

Tried to work again and was mostly ok. Slow-going but ok.

Forearm less painful when clenching fist so have taken to clenching exercises. Arm feels incredibly heavy to lift on its own. Biceps hurt and look a little swollen.

The itching has started and is really annoying.

Lunch was burrito again. Lucky with couchsurfers over, haven't had to worry about dinner.

Tried to wash hair. Filled bath with water. Knelt on the outside facing tub and dipped head in. Mostly clean but felt some shampoo residue when hair dried.

Went out for first time since accident. Took forever to get dressed. Can't tie shoelaces.

Sleep was horrid. Right shoulder would cry out in pain every few hours. Have to wake up, sit up and ease the soreness before going back to sleep.

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