Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Dislocation diary: Day 9

Doctor took the cast off! He had to search the medical database online to decide it was ok, but he did take it off!

Disconcerting that he didn't really know and essentially had to google it, but...he says elbow dislocations in adults very rare, usually they break or fracture. Search results said 7-10 days so he said fine to remove. But he did say it was healing up very well and there is no evidence of nerve damage.

The feeling of freedom when he cut it open was amazing. Cast had been feeling loose for last two days, so glad it's off. Skin looked gross though. Strangely creased, discoloured, and bore the prints of the cloth! Bruising in the inner elbow (red flakey spots) and the bicep area where cast ended had a bruised line and was rather deformed.

Doctor said swelling bicep was due to pressure of cast pushing swell upwards. Said will disappear soon. The area had a faint yellow stain. D thinks maybe iodine?

Arm is so surprisingly weak and tender. Still only able to hold at 90 degrees and then a bit up to 50 degrees or so. But feeling stronger as the hour passes. Arm seems so skinny and vulnerable!

No pain, just bruised tenderness near elbow area. Doctor said to keep in sling for two weeks and to light do exercises.

Best sleep I had in a while. Still on back with arm at 90 degrees on my tummy, but more flexibility and less heavy. Shoulder still a bit sore but mostly ok.

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