Monday, 5 March 2012

Simple white cake

Despite turning his back on his old job and going on a working holiday at a Canadian ski resort, once an accountant, always an accountant. So while out shopping at the local supermarket when he first arrived, D calculates that buying a 10kg bag of flour is probably more worth it than buying 1kg.

This also means we now have 10kg of flour that needs to be used up in two months. How do you go through 10kg of flour?

This simple white cake is my attempt at making a dent in the bag. I don't have a mixer, a whisk or even proper baking equipment. All I have is a puny little right bicep, a fork, a bowl and some pyrex dish that will have to pass as a cake mould.

Still, I reckon this turn out pretty good, and I got a workout all at the same time!

It's really a no-frills kind of cake, great actually to have with a hot drink, ice-cream, fresh fruit or as a base for cupcakes. It's really simply to make and turned out tasting quite moist and soft.

What would make it better is vanilla extract/essence/bean paste, of which I have none, but still, pretty happy with it!

Recipe here.

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