Sunday, 11 March 2012

Dislocation diary: Day 6

Went up to Pano today. Incredibly proud could do it myself. Laces were a challenge but just tied some loose knot that kinda kept shoes in. Got D to fix up when I saw him.

Arm feels better but getting occasional tingly and numb sensations, as well as goosebumps? Fingertips get cold easily too. But can feel everything. Wrist still hurts but think it's coz of floppy positioning within cast. Continuing rotation and clenching exercises.

Think bicep is less swollen than before but certainly still big. Compress continues.

Put hot water bottle on shoulder several times in the evening. Felt amazing and relaxing.

Bought prunes to combat potential side effects of drugs. Feeling extremely bloated and full of gas though. Quite ill feeling with tummy ache and nauseousness. Think may have gastro?

Sleep was same as before. Great until woken by shoulder ache. But less often than before? Think hot water bottle working.

Drugs potentially helping too as think might be anti-inflammatory?

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