Saturday, 10 March 2012

Dislocation diary: Day 5

Before falling asleep last night, stomach was making all sorts of loud and strange gurgling noise, as if hungry. Woke up to more gurgling and sharp intense pain in stomach. Thought maybe was hungry.

Breakfast didn't help. In fact, felt nauseous again. Nothing much came out though.

Went back to bed with tingling sensation and feeling tired. Slept for about another hour. Tummy still a bit sore and would feel nauseous after eating every time.

Arm starting to feel lighter. Bicep still hot and swollen. Kept putting frozen food on it. Wrist starting to hurt, so started doing wrist rotations on top of clenching. Inside of forearm feels stretched. Can feel elbow area very bruised. Occasional shooting sensation of pain too. Shoulder still tight.

Feeling stronger. Like as if I can and should break free of cast now. Arm seems less immobolised than before. But can also feel elbow is a bit weak and certainly sore. Still worried things are not healing right, but not sure how to find out.

Drug seemed to wear off faster tonight. Could feel it kick in - entire body suddenly relaxes. Pain still there, perhaps just dulled. When drugs kick in, I forget I'm wearing a cast and try to scratch itchy arm. Of course denied.

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